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Located in Rapid City, South Dakota, the Pennington County Jail serves as a detention center for individuals awaiting trial or serving short sentences. As a correctional facility, it is designed to accommodate inmates accused of minor to more severe crimes. Pennington County Jail search

The facility accommodates 625 inmates, with separate housing for male and female inmates. The prison strives to provide a safe environment for both staff and inmates to ensure the well-being of everyone within the prison.

The prison administration
The Correctional Service is responsible for managing the prison and ensuring that the prison functions efficiently and effectively. The Jail Administrator is appointed by the Sheriff and is responsible for overseeing daily jail operations, including managing staff, treating inmates, and adhering to security protocols.

The correctional service also includes the deputy correctional officer and auxiliary staff who assist in carrying out administrative tasks.
To locate an inmate currently incarcerated in the Pennington County Jail, you can use the inmate locator tool available on the Pennington County Sheriff’s Office website. Follow these steps to search for a prisoner.

Visit the Pennington County Inmate Locator page.

Enter the inmate’s last name and first name in the appropriate search fields. Entering your date of birth is optional, but can help narrow your search results.

Click the Search button to create a list of matching prisoners.
Review the search results and select the right intern to view his/her details.

Pennington County Jail Schedule Information

The Pennington County Jail Roster provides important information about the inmates currently housed at the detention center. The information available on the prison list includes:

booking number
Last name
First name
birth date
Release date (if applicable)
Guarantee/guarantee information

Please note that the schedule is updated regularly to reflect the latest information. However, it may happen that the online timetable is not completely up to date. If you cannot locate an inmate using the online search function or require additional information, please contact the Pennington County Jail directly at (605) 394-6113.

Jail log

Get prison dataJail records provide information about a person’s incarceration history in the Pennington County Jail or other correctional facilities. To obtain jail records, you may need to submit a formal request to the Pennington County Sheriff’s Office or the specific correctional facility where the person was held.

Some information may be available through online databases or by contacting the institution directly. Please note that access to repository data may be subject to data protection laws and restrictions.

Mugshots and booking number
Mugshots are photos taken during the booking process when a person is first brought into the detention center. These photos usually contain a front and side view of the person and are used for identification purposes.

The booking number is a unique identifier assigned to each inmate during the booking process and helps track and manage inmates within the facility.

Mugshots and booking numbers may be available from the Pennington County Jail inmate or on the jail roster. However, the availability of mugshots may vary due to privacy laws and restrictions. In some cases, you may need to make a formal request to access mugshots.

Release date and criminal charges
The release date is the date on which a person who has been deprived of their liberty is released from custody.

This date can change based on various factors, such as an inmate’s behavior, court orders, or sentence completion. The release date can be found in the Pennington County Jail Directory or by contacting the jail directly.

Prison call system and regulations
The prison’s telephone system is managed by an outside service provider and all inmate calls are monitored and recorded, with the exception of legally protected calls to attorneys. Important rules related to the intake interview system include:

Inmates are responsible for the cost of their telephone calls, whether through collect calls or via prepaid phone cards.
The duration of calls may be limited to ensure fair access to the telephone system for all inmates.
All non-privileged calls are monitored and recorded for security reasons.
Inmates may not use the telephone system to engage in illegal activities, harass others, or engage in behavior that endangers the safety and security of the prison.
Prison phone number
For general inquiries, please contact the Pennington County Jail at (605) 394-6113. It is important that you cannot call a prisoner directly on this number. Instead, you must rely on the inmate to call through the prison phone system.

Send mail to a prisoner process of sending emails to an intern
To email an inmate at the Pennington County Jail, follow these steps:

Use the correct prison mailing address:
Inmate’s Full Name, Booking Number Pennington County Jail 307 St. Joseph Street Rapid City, SD 57701

Please include a return address on the envelope with your full name and mailing address.
Make sure the content of your email adheres to prison email guidelines (described below).
Prison Post Guidelines
The Pennington County Jail has established guidelines for sending mail to inmates to ensure the security of the jail. These guidelines include:


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